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stormy weather

I was reading the Iceland Review online yesterday and saw this story. Just a reminder of how easily the elements can isolate a remote country like Iceland.

The Iceland Review is a good source for stories I've found. I discovered it as an advertiser over there on the right side of this page in my Google ads. Which leads me to remind you, if you've happened upon my blog looking for more information about travelling to Iceland, the Google Ads often have relevant links. Try one out. So far I've found them all to be reliable web sites, although the ones for hotels seem to offer a relatively limited number of hotel choices--usually the overpriced touresty places. But, anyway, just a plug for my Google Ads.

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Hey, I was looking for something else but stumbled into this blog. I flew home to Boston from Reykyavik on the same day you posted this original message. "Iceland Review" is a really quality magazine available for free all over the place there. Thanks for the online link. "The Grapevine" is a weekly tabloid in English with all the music/art/politics event listings and comment. As for hotels -- stay at the Hostel. You'll save bunches of money to spend elsewhere, you can do your own cooking and pack lunches for daytrips and save even more money that way, and you meet interesting people from other countries rather than irksome Americans. It's not just a "youth" hostel. Everybody stays there. It has good diversity. It's very clean and has more private rooms than most hostels.

Another tip -- only eat at restaurants for lunchtime. It is so expensive, but you can try the regional cuisine and interesting little places cheaper at lunch than at dinner. Also, there is a lunchtime tradition of endless free seconds on soup and bread. Good to know about. If you are a drinker, and boy do they drink there, people drink at small home gatherings all evening, then go out to bars fairly late at night to avoid buying many expensive drinks.

I don't even drink, and I loved it there. The people are still very much the Vikings, and the landscape is awesome. Conveniently, absolutely everybody speaks English. Find a special on Iceland Air from one of their US hubs. Have a ball. Ja ja.

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