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Iceland to Resume Commercial Whaling

After nearly two decades, Iceland plans to resume commercial whaling. What do you think?

október 17, 2006 | Permalink


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Whaling? To those of us outside Iceland it seems a very bad thing - and that's exactly what I would have thought a few months ago. Having been to Iceland now, and having seen the amazing environmental thought that goes into everything, I can see few ecological arguments against the resumption of whaling. I still think they're cute animals though...

Posted by: Dury | 17.10.2006 18:25:08

Yeah, I have trouble with an absolute ban on whaling. But I think it needs to be limited (which it is) and done responsibly (which seems to be the case with the current proposal.

Posted by: J | 18.10.2006 09:22:36

Commercial Whaling is 100% CRUEL! It should be banned and never allowed to be reinstated ever again. Whales are extraordinary and docile creatures, who should ALWAYS be treated with kindness and respect. If anyone has ever seen a whale caught and harpooned... and then shot in the head multiple times with a rifle and then bleed out into the ocean.....knows what I mean. It is a VERY SAD day when a whale is murdered.... very sad!

Posted by: Alysha | 28.5.2011 20:44:08

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