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A Few New Blogs

If you look down the page a bit, I've added a few new blogs to my list of blogs related to Iceland. First off we have Antoine in Iceland, a four week journey through the country with lots of photos.

Then we have Iceland Eyes, a great blog with some nice photos as well.

And finally, Reykjavik Harbor Watch, with many stories from an American who lived in Reykjavik.

All great stuff.

UPDATE: I mis-spoke. Reykjavik Harbor Watch is written by an American who lives in Iceland. (see correction in comment below) So, with that settled, I hope you'll visit all of these great blogs.

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Just got a hit from your blog and came to see what it was all about. I'm actually still living in Iceland- just was recently back in the States for a visit. Glad to hear you like it here in Reykjavik so much!

Posted by: ECS | 19.10.2006 19:09:43

Thx for linking my blog to your site. Great blog btw :-)

Posted by: Antoine Fisette | 13.7.2007 16:25:22

Let it be, let it be... What a strange place here.

Posted by: Rosalie | 21.7.2007 17:35:35

This web-site is the coolest! Now I dont have to feel so intimated by science! Youre a genius! I think Ill visit this site often.

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