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The Shortest Day of the Year

Well, it's that time of year again: people all over the planet have started their yearly Google of the "Shortest Day of the Year." I know this because about 10% of Reykjavik: The Blog's visitors come here after googling that very search term.

So, to make your lives easier, this year the shortest day of the year is on December 21st. Notice, I've even found you a handy link that will let you know the shortest day of the year in other years as well.

In Iceland, that translates to 3-4 hours of sunlight, depending upon where you are. And, having spent a winter in Scotland--where daylight is also a scant commodity--I can tell you that "hours of sunlight" is often a laughable concept, what with the endless cloudbanks and the steady drizzle.

Oh, and for the rest of you googlers out there, why oh why are you googling "Icelandic+girls+easy"? Hmmmmm?

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hahahahahahahahahahaah! brilliant!!!

Posted by: igor | 21.12.2007 06:59:32

I want to work only in that day. And sleep only in longest night of a year.

Posted by: naked celebrities | 30.11.2009 07:53:46

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