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Your Swanky Reykjavik Blog

And you thought you were reading a run-of-the-mill Reykjavik blog?

I'll have you know that, right on their website, the swanky Hotel Holt links to our illustrious blog. And I think that's great!

In fact, dear proprietors of the Hotel Holt, if you'd invite me for a few free nights in your hotel, I'd be more than happy to tell all of my friends about you and sing your praises across the Internet.

I can be reached at thisisreallyhappening@gmail.com

The Hotel Holt can be found at Bergstaðastræti37 in beautiful downtown 101 Reykjavík.

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Well, just yesterday I promised that I'd post a list of upcoming events. And, in fact, I spent a bit of time pulling a few things together.

Of course, I managed to lose that posting through my own damned fault.

For now, I will just say that Gay Pride weekend is coming up soon (starting August 4th).

According to their website this is what's happening:

This year it starts Thursday the 4th with Diva's Night at Club NASA. The famous Opening Ceremony is at Loftkastalinn Theater, Friday August 5th. The Parade starts at Hlemmur Bus station at 3 PM on Saturday 6th and goes down the main shopping street, Laugavegur, to an outdoor concert in the city center at Lækjargata. August is the busiest tourist month in Reykjavik and usually it is hard to find a hotel room in the city weeks before the Pride. Those who are planning a visit are urged to make a hotel reservation sooner than later. See Visit Reykjavik for guesthouses and hotels. Also: A Room with a View and Tower Guesthouse.

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Another Random Photo

I have a lot of pictures of Iceland sitting on my computer unused. You're likely to more than a few of them in the coming weeks.

Later today, though, I will bring you a list of upcoming events in Reykjavik. Be sure to check back in.

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I'm Still Here

NosmokingAfter a month of not posting anything, I'm back again to say that I'm sorry that I haven't been updating consistently...or at all.

At any rate, here's a cool blog from Iceland.

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