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Bobby Watch

Image683021Looking a bit like Jimmy Buffet picking up after a Smiths' show, Bobby Fischer arrived in Iceland blah blah blah...

If any Fischer lovers out there happen to read this blog, please please please let me know why you care so much about him. Don't you think he should be wasting away in a Japanese prison awaiting extradition?

I don't know. I guess with the Penis Museum moved out of town, visitors to Reykjavik need some other oddity to gawk at--not that you'll probably be seeing much of the world's most famous chess-playing fugitive recluse. He'll be busy searching every corner of his apartment for Soviet-planted listening and thought-control devices and reading newspapers looking for coded messages planted by those involved in the world-wide plot against him.

But, Bobby, if you are reading this, let's go: 1) Nf3.

Bring it on, babee!!

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Dear Iceland,

Well, Fischer is all yours now. I hope you enjoy his company.

Of course, you'll have to ignore his anti-Semitic rants and you'll have to ignore his defiance of  sanctions against Yugoslavia and the fact that he's a fugitive, but that's okay. He did help put Iceland on the chess map and that's got to be more important than his paranoid, bigoted outbursts. I guess.

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If you're planning a trip to Iceland in April, be sure to find out more about the Iceland International Film Festival.

One thing I'll say about the Iceland Tourist Board--they come up with great reasons to visit the country year round. I'd love to go, but alas I know I won't be...unless of course you'd like to pay my way. I could figure something out if that were the case.

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More Fischer Madness

Come on, government of Iceland. Do you really want an anti-Semitic nut living in your country? I know you people are chess crazy, but this whole Fischer-love thing is just odd. Or do you secretly hope that he'll be sent back to the USA so you can look like you cared without having to actually deal with him? Or perhaps you believe he'll share with you some secret line to the Caro-Kann that will revive the opening and solidify your country's place in chess history?

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This year's South by Southwest Music festival is going on in Austin from March 16-20. In case you're wondering why I'm telling you this, there will be three Icelandic bands there this year.

Unfortunately I can't pack up and head down to Texas, but, if you do, please let us know all about it.

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