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The Shortest Day of the Year

Audi was kind enough to take the time to send me some photos that she took:


As she put it: "Apparently today is the shortest day of the year...I did not notice a day today. It was just dark and then a different shade of dark."

IN OTHER NEWS: Someone actually took the time to use google to translate my page into German. As I'm easily impressed and amused, I'll link to it here.

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That's really poetic: "I did not notice a day today, it was dark, and then it was a different shade of dark."

I saw the movie "101 Reykjavik" the other day and now I want to visit Iceland.

Posted by: MattG | 23.12.2003 09:22:45

Hey Audi, here's the antithesis to your weblog:


Posted by: kristen | 24.12.2003 12:44:04

Dear Sir or Madam,
is it possible to ask you for the postal address
of Pastor Haugson (Arbejakerkja)?
My daughter is going to celebrate her marriage
at Arbejarkerkja on Aug7th (secretly, as she thinks) and I want to send some greetings to
Pastor Haugson to hand it out to her surprisingly.

Any answer is very welcome (where else can I ask?) Thank you in advance ,
yours Rudolf Momper

Posted by: Rudolf Momper | 14.6.2004 10:38:09

The person you are looking for is:
Sr. Þór Hauksson
[email protected]
If you need phone or fax number copy and past his name on this website to find it:

Posted by: Birgir Larusson | 26.1.2005 11:00:31

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