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Welcome to Reykjavik: The Blog

My goal is to create a site for people who are interested in Iceland and in Reykjavik in particular. Please email me or comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions.


What you can find here:

Good Advice, Unsolicited Advice (updated November 18, 2003) Useful advice, not-so-useful advice. And advice you may not have known you needed. Plus a few opinions.

Almost Interesting Facts of the Day (updated November 21, 2003) I will try to make these entries as almost interesting as possible.

Current Airfares (updated January 14, 2004) All this is is information I get from my Iceland Air emails. You can get it too if you sign up at their web site.

Reykjavik Journal (updated October 26, 2003) My journal from my trip to Reykjavik. Some of it was written while there. Some upon returning home. Some hasn't even been thought of yet.

Web Stuff (updated December 18, 2003) Links to web sites from or about Iceland. How very blog-like of me.



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i like the new look!

Posted by: kristen | 9.10.2003 18:24:16


I just thought you might want to know that it's Hallgrimskirkja not kirka ;O)

cool photos btw

Posted by: Audi | 20.10.2003 12:53:05

Thanks Audi, I'll make the correction right away. I wrote that without referring back to anything. That's what I get for being a sloppy editor.

Posted by: joe | 20.10.2003 16:36:41

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