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Current Airfares

january 14-04: Here's the latest offer from Icelandair. Yes, $249 to anywhere they fly. Here's to wintering in Scandinavia (or Paris or Amsterdam or London)...

january 04: Throughout the winter, the airfares have been holding steady in the $240 range (plus taxes, of course). If you go to Icelandair's web site (linked to below) you can get all the details and special offers.

october 27-03: Here's the latest offer for those flying in November or early December. You need to be part of the Frequent flyer program, but that's easy enough. Just sign up on the web site.

october 22-03: Well, this section of the blog is certainly in a rut. Same airfares as the last several weeks. I will point out that are ridiculously low. I wish I had the cash.

october 8, 2003

The airfares are still the same low price. I can't imagine them going any lower. And there's a big music festival this weekend. (You can find more information at the Icelandair web site.

october 2003:

If you'd like to go to Reykjavik in October, Icelandair has just posted their "Lucky Fares" (just sign-up for their email list to be eligible) for the month: $278 to Reykjavik. $234 to London!!! That's almost cheaper than staying at home!!!

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