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Almost Interesting Facts of the Day

ALMOST INTERESTING FACT OF THE DAY: So, anyway, today I was searching through the Althingi web site--as I'm sure all of you do on a daily basis--and came across this fact about elections.

ALMOST INTERESTING FACT OF THE DAY: I just found this one today on the Internet: Iceland was the first country to legalize abortion (1935).

ALMOST INTERESTING FACT OF THE DAY: I heard today's almost interesting fact on the radio this morning. And now I found the link to the story. I can't even think of anything else to say about this one...

ALMOST INTERESTING FACT OF THE DAY: Today's almost interesting fact of the day comes to you from my friend "the researcher who-shall-not-be-named." Last night, on the West Wing rerun, the president was meeting with the Icelandic ambassador, Victor Olafsdottir. Clearly they didn't do their research. Or else
Victor has some gender-confusion issues. Personally, I think that kind of mistake is terrible. I mean it takes about a minute and a half of reading about Iceland before you come across how people are named. Which reminds me of a second almost interesting fact: Icelandic phonebooks are alphabetized by first name. I know you probably knew that, but it's pretty cool nevertheless.

ALMOST INTERESTING FACT OF THE DAY: Reykjavik is--geologically speaking--in North America.

ALMOST INTERESTING FACT OF THE DAY: Did you know that Icelandic is the 12th most popular blogging language? I found this fact on the internet yesterday. Sorry, I don't remember where so there's no link. Someone had done a survey. If I remember, this search of the net (and I don't know how it was conducted) found about 800,000 English-language (the most popular) blogs and about 4000 Icelandic-language ones.

Thanks to Magga Dora's information, here is that list of most common blogging languages.

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The fact on Icelandic being the 12th most popular bloglanguage comes from http://www.blogcensus.net/.

Posted by: Magga Dóra | 5.10.2003 19:30:00

Call me traditional, but maybe you should order your typepad entries the other way. I get all confused this way. But maybe you're tryin to be all different and DIY which is cool...I guess...

Posted by: kristen | 5.10.2003 22:42:52

Uh, actually, I was watching the same episode, and as far as I could hear, the ambassadors' name was Vigis Olafsdottir.

Posted by: Toti | 6.10.2003 05:35:58

hmmm......perhaps she heard incorrectly. I didn't watch it.

Posted by: kristen | 6.10.2003 07:32:51

That could be. An American ear might of heard Victor when it was a name unfamiliar to us. But then again, I didn't see the episode either.

Posted by: Joe | 6.10.2003 08:22:48

Well, I'm not sure what the Ambassador's first name was. But it was a male according to the "researcher who-shall-not-be-named." So the original point is still a valid one...

Posted by: Joe | 7.10.2003 09:51:03


Posted by: zar zar | 13.5.2004 11:30:22


Posted by: Person | 17.2.2005 10:13:04

Hi There (Gidday!) from Australia! I really like your blog! Are there an Hare Krishnas in Iceland?

Best Regards, Subal Krsna das

Posted by: Subal Krsna das | 27.3.2006 05:22:27

Hi im doing a research on your country due mon. 23rd of april please send me some interresting/cool facts about iceland

Posted by: Raquel | 21.4.2006 15:13:15

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