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december 18-03: Here's a Reykjavik webcam I just found.

november 24-03: Here's an article from the BBC on the Reykjavik music scene.

october 22-03: Coming up during the darkening days of November is the Reykjavik Jazz Festival. Come on lottery, this would be a great time to pay off!!!

october 15-03 and october 20-03: An interesting blog entry on mental illness and the Icelandic health care system (you'll have to scroll back to the October 15th entry for the one I'm referring to here. But read the others too, they're great).

october 11-03: A new Icelandic music download site has opened. You have to pay for it though so I can't tell you if it's worth the cost. If anyone has an opinion on this, let me know please. I've spent money on dumber things.

october 3-03: There's an article about blogging in a recent issue of Vera. I bet it's interesting, but, unfortunately for me, it's in Icelandic. Both the article and the web site. Yet another good reason to learn Icelandic...

Another website that’s still in development but which promises great things is the one for Grapevine, a cool English-language magazine that premiered in Reykjavik this summer.

For those of you who are wondering, “Hey, if Iceland produced both the Sugarcubes AND Sigur Ros, what other bands are just waiting to become the latest cool Icelandic export?” Well, a good place to start looking--what with all the mp3s there and stuff--is the Bad Taste website. I just listened to Kimono and Worm is Green. And there’s so much more.

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