Winter Solstice

Well, I'm writing a post about the shortest day of the year again. Astute readers will note that it is one of the few posts I've managed to get off my butt and write in the last year. Sorry about that. I hope you do continue to enjoy the archives, the pictures, and, of course, the Google Ads. This year, the shortest day of the year is December 22nd, according to my sources. Just two days away. I hope you have done all of your solstice shopping. Meanwhile, not to make anyone in the Northern Hemisphere too jealous, but the 22nd of December marks the beginning of summer in Australia. Surf's Up! Cowabunga!

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stormy weather

I was reading the Iceland Review online yesterday and saw this story. Just a reminder of how easily the elements can isolate a remote country like Iceland.

The Iceland Review is a good source for stories I've found. I discovered it as an advertiser over there on the right side of this page in my Google ads. Which leads me to remind you, if you've happened upon my blog looking for more information about travelling to Iceland, the Google Ads often have relevant links. Try one out. So far I've found them all to be reliable web sites, although the ones for hotels seem to offer a relatively limited number of hotel choices--usually the overpriced touresty places. But, anyway, just a plug for my Google Ads.

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Greenpeace's Take on Whaling

For those of you interested in the whaling issue, here is Greenpeace's report on Iceland's return to whaling.

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A Few New Blogs

If you look down the page a bit, I've added a few new blogs to my list of blogs related to Iceland. First off we have Antoine in Iceland, a four week journey through the country with lots of photos.

Then we have Iceland Eyes, a great blog with some nice photos as well.

And finally, Reykjavik Harbor Watch, with many stories from an American who lived in Reykjavik.

All great stuff.

UPDATE: I mis-spoke. Reykjavik Harbor Watch is written by an American who lives in Iceland. (see correction in comment below) So, with that settled, I hope you'll visit all of these great blogs.

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Iceland to Resume Commercial Whaling

After nearly two decades, Iceland plans to resume commercial whaling. What do you think?

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We Are the Sugarcubes And You Are Not

The Sugarcubes will be putting on a reunion show in Reykjavik in November. Details here. And if you're one of those wacky people who'll just up and go to a show that's a few thousand miles away, Iceland Air has packages (including airfare and two nights hotel) starting at $700. Not bad considering the fools who pay thousands to see the Rolling Stones.

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The Longest Day of the Year

After spending quite a bit of time six months ago talking about the Shortest Day of the Year, I almost forgot to mention that today is the longest day of the year.

Hello Summer.

And how long is "the longest day of the year" in Reykjavik? Well, according to, it is about 21 hours. Oh, and that link gives a few other locales as well, so happy searching.

So, enjoy the Summer Solstice! Here where I am it is a beautiful sunshiny day.

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Festival of the Sea

If you're in Reykjavik this weekend you will undoubtedly run across the Festival of the Sea. If you are there, let us know how it goes. From reading a little about it it seems like a pleasant way to pass some time.

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Idols Everywhere

As the American Idol final looms over the U.S., Francis Strand over at How To Learn Swedish in 1000 Difficult Lessons gives a rundown on Eurovision and on Iceland's entrant into the contest.

Sounds to me like we're missing some good stuff over here in the States.

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Blogging Reykjavik

I'd like to thank "The Thor" a recent commenter here on Reykjavik: The Blog for pointing out his Reykjavik blog to me. Blogging Reykjavik is a wonderful photo blog that captures Reykjavik in all of its moods. I encourage you to visit his blog after you're done here.

Blogging Reykjavik is part of a series of blogs that includes Blogging Beirut, New York, Paris, Copenhagen, and several other cities. You can find those links right on The Thor's main page.

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High and Dry

Here's a story (thanks for the link, SC) about the future of Keflavik. It seems to me though that the cost of closing/drastically reducing the base will go beyond the cost of operating the airport.

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I'd like to thank Audi for pointing out that the population of Iceland has reached 300,000. If it weren't for people like her writing interesting things in their blogs, I'd never get around to posting.

By way of perspective, the United States has 57 cities with a population over 300,000. That isn't intended to be bragging or muscle flexing or anything. Just an interesting and useless fact for the purpose of idle and aimless discussion.

Speaking of which, my last blog entry's--which was about skyr--only comment was a question: 'Has Paris Hilton ever been to Reykjavik?' I point this out here not because I'm looking for someone to share the answer. I just know that if I mention Paris Hilton, the search engines will point all manner of people here, just like they do with "shortest day of the year."

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Skyr Here

According to the "Dateline Iceland Newsletter" Skyr is going to be available in the USA through Whole Foods. Known as the 'food of the Vikings', Skyr is a cheese that tastes almost yogurty. Look for it soon in your nearest Whole Foods store.

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Listasafn Reykjavikur

Not sure what to do when you're in Reykjavik? Don't forget the Reykjavik Art Museum. This link will let you know what their latest exhibits are.

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The Shortest Day of the Year

Well, it's that time of year again: people all over the planet have started their yearly Google of the "Shortest Day of the Year." I know this because about 10% of Reykjavik: The Blog's visitors come here after googling that very search term.

So, to make your lives easier, this year the shortest day of the year is on December 21st. Notice, I've even found you a handy link that will let you know the shortest day of the year in other years as well.

In Iceland, that translates to 3-4 hours of sunlight, depending upon where you are. And, having spent a winter in Scotland--where daylight is also a scant commodity--I can tell you that "hours of sunlight" is often a laughable concept, what with the endless cloudbanks and the steady drizzle.

Oh, and for the rest of you googlers out there, why oh why are you googling "Icelandic+girls+easy"? Hmmmmm?

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