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I Don't Know What I'm About To Write

Ok, first of all a joke I heard the other night. It's a classic from a classic jokester...

"How was your blind date the other night?"


"Oh really?"

"Yeah, and the other leg was the same."

Cha-chang! Yeah, jokes like that are money in the bank.

Well, tonight I had a lovely dinner at a new sushi restaurant in Northampton. Sadly its location will probably be its demise. Well, that and the fact there are 452 sushi restaurants in Northampton. In fact, the wonderful place I usually go to was closed because they were off somewhere but I was aching for sushi so we decided to give the new guy a chance. And let me say, a sushi place desperate for business is the place to go. When I ordered I asked if they had beer but the waitress said no, though they did give free sake with the meal. Oh baby.

But then a little later on the chef asked me if I liked Budweiser. I said sure (though you know I'm more of a Heineken man). Next thing I knew a waiter came out with a can of Bud (Must've been the chef's private stash?) and poured it into a glass. Oh yeah, also totally free. Also free were some Korean condiments: some sprouts, kim chee, some potato thing, and broccoli with spicy sauce. Mmmmm.

Anyway, I got me some spicy tuna maki--very good--and a maki roll of eel and avocado with roasted yellow tail on top. Tasty, but I'm still tasting the yellow tail right now. I'm still not sure about that combination. And I also tried some sea urchin. On Tony Bourdain's recommendation no less. Damn you, Tony. Why don't you remind me that you eat things like chicken anus!? The sea urchin tasted fine, but the texture did not bring me to my happy place. That's okay, it was an experiment. I'm glad I got it.

The chef also gave us a free taste of some sort of salmon thing. The salmon was briefly roasted and (I think he said) surrounding some crab meat. And it had roe on top. It was tasty and, may I reiterate, free! Gotta love sushi bars!

Let's see, what else. I headed off on my own to see Fancy Trash and Cordelia's Dad at the Elevens. How can you not love Fancy Trash? Oddly, I had'nt seen Cordelia's Dad before, though my good friend Linda--back in the day--had been a fan of theirs (also back in the day). They were pretty damned good I must say. The opening band, whose name I don't recall, were, I don't know, speed metal or something. Not exactly a good intro for Fancy Trash, but I thought they represented their genre well. I missed Spouse because I was so damned tired. I was up at 6:30 AM--long story.

Okay, so, what else? I'm hoping to move soon. But, I guess, more on that later.

So, dear readers, have a good night or a good day or whatever it is you're having right now.

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