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Happy Things

I'm in a good mood today and I feel like thinking back to some of the happy things in my life. I'll write about a few today and maybe at some point continue the theme in other posts.

First of all, I hafta start with Dee and Packy. Not only are they great kids, they are also great sources of amazing (to me at least) anecdotes.

Let's see, well, with the Parade coming up I can't help but think of that first. I live and breathe the parade. If you don't know me well you're probably wondering what the hell parade I'm talking about. Here in Ho'yoke we have one of the biggest and best St. Pat's parades in the country. And it's coming up quick, woot woot!

The beach. I love the frickin beach. I loved weeks in the summer there with my family--both when I was a child and later going with my own family. Family time + the beach = happy me. Misquamicut. The Cape. All great.

I also love the few times I've done the beach/casino double header. We even went once in February. Beach in February = awesome! And that trip reminds me of how much I love Shane McGowan and Sinead O'Connor's "Haunted".

There are so many other things--mqny of them even happier, but that's a good start for today.

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