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Good Morning Message

From a piece of student writing:

free write sucks I hate doin it. Reading sucks I hate doin that. Getting up early sucks I really hate doin that. Rain sucks it puts me to sleep but it is better than snow because I hate shoveling and I hate the cold. When it is cold my feet and hands freeze.

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Whine and Cheese

Well, I don't have much to write about so I'll write about what I'm eating right now.

First off, I have the loveliest cheese that, perhaps, I've ever had: a Castelrosso. And the description in that link doesn't do it justice. Depending upon which part of the cheese you are eating it's anywhere from a delicate parmesian to a tangy bleu. It's like one of those "three cheese in one" cheese balls from the kiosk at the Mall at Christmastime--except it's absolutely nothing like THAT at all. I (HEART) Castelrosso.

Next up, I'm sampling some of the Chevre I picked up at Trader Joes. Any place that can serve up a half pound of goat cheese for $3.50 is good in my books. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking it would go nicely with smoked salmon.

And I'm also eating some tasty Sopressata. If you know me you know I love the sausage like no other. Those Europeans and their sausages. How do they do it?

Oh, I'm eating all these with some fancy bread from Whole Foods and a glass of red wine. Mmmmmm a perfect dinner. Which isn't to say that last night's dinner wasn't a perfect dinner too: Pasta Bagna Cauda. Oh yeah, all oily and salty (and, if you know me you know that's a good thing) and filled with garlicky goodness. After this weekend I'm going to have to start eating salads or something.

Just kidding of course.

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I Have No Accent

Some time ago I took this quiz which told me that I lived in the Midland--which seems a bit far from western Massachusetts where I have always lived. But I do remember that once, when I met someone from Toronto, he insisted that I had a Toronto accent. I replied that maybe people from Toronto had a western Massachusetts accent. I still think I'm right. But he seemed a bit miffed at the idea. Oh well...

Also, I'm surprised that Boston was high up on my list as well. I mean, you would never hear me say that "I had no ideaR that I pahked my cah in the gahrage."

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Connecticut Senate Race = Teen Drama

Having worked with high school students much of my life, I realized that the Connecticut Senate Race has been nothing more than a teen drama:

Okay, so Lieberman and Connecticut loved each other. But then Lieberman started flirting with the Republicans so Connecticut got jealous and slept with Lamont. Now Lamont had thought that Connecticut loved him, but she was just using him to make Lieberman jealous--he wasn't the only game in town. But when he came crawling back to Connecticut begging for a second chance she took him in.

But don't get too complacent Joe. Sooner or later Connecticut will realize you're just a player and you'll be dumped for good.

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Is It Bad?

Is it bad that I am taking great joy in watching Republicans lose?

I don't think so.

NECN has pointed out several times that Kerry Healey has served the last four years without pay...


And it's certainly true that she is better than her campaign was...but, let's face it, not that much better.

I will say though that her concession speech was very gracious. So she's got that going for her.


Currently watching Kennedy's victory speech. Hehe, I had kinda forgot he was in an election, even though I voted for him at 7 this morning.

And, finally: yes it seems that Massachusetts has elected Deval Patrick (woot woot!) governor. Only the 2nd African-American governor in the nation's history. It's nice to be on the right side of history again here in Massachusetts, just like we were when we legalized gay marriage. Let's keep it that way and keep ourselves on the cutting edge of history.

UPDATE: Ted Kennedy just did an Schwarzenegger impression!

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