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Not To Become

Not to become a celebrity birthday blog, but I must say that the following celebrities share today as their birthday:

John Adams (everyone's favorite defense attorney-271), Ezra Pound (everyone's favorite poet and fascist-121), Charles Atlas (your favorite old-school body builder-113), Grace Slick (whom should have retired YEARS ago-67), and Henry Winkler (yes, the Fonz is 61).

I'm still trying to find something they have in common. Any ideas?

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Because It Does Matter

What do Jaclyn Smith, Pat Sajak, and Hillary Rodham-Clinton all have in common?

Yes, of course you got it--they all turned 59 years old today.

And I care about celebrity birthdays because, as you know, the birthdays of celebrities are far more important than our own.

Which brings me to what I meant to post yesterday. Yesterday was Packy's seventh birthday. And, as he is a future celebrity (remember his career plan IS film director) I figured it was worth mentioning to all of you. Yesterday was also Pablo Picasso's birthday. Or would have been. I definitely see the connection between the two. I'm not so sure about the connection between Packy and Bobby Knight but that's okay too. I only need to focus on Picasso and an artistic streak. I don't have to focus on throwing chairs and verbally abusing the young athletes who are under your tutelage. Packy's too happy-go-lucky for that.

At this point, you might of course be wondering what famous people share a birthday with me. Well, first of all, Chris Farley was born on the same day as I was. So I guess he owes me a bottle of champagne or something. You know, from our dead pool. I also share my birthday with Matt Groening, which is cool, and Harvey Korman, which makes me yawn a bit. Oh, and I also can't forget Cesar Romero, Susan B. Anthony, and, everyone's favorite astronomer Galileo.

Quite the crowd I'm in with.

Anyway, that shows you how little I have to do with my day.

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Not Much

As always, I don't have too much going on right now. At least nothing worth writing about.

But, let's see, what is new. Hmmmm. Well, Packy will be turning seven on Wednesday. He had a party yesterday. Very "Lord of the Flies" with fifteen little six and seven year olds  on a sugar-fueled rampage.

I also made a beef stock on Friday. I'm still not sure how it came out. I do know that I totally dirtied up the oven with splattering grease from the marrow bones I was cooking.

mmmmmmmmmm marrow.

And on a related note--I know it's an old book at this point, but I highly recommend that you read Tony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. Great stuff all around, even though parts of it will, well, change your perspective on the food you're ordering. I know I'll never eat swordfish again. But that's just me. You do what you want.

Well, that's all that comes to mind right now. See ya.

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Why I (heart) My Job

From a piece of student writing:

"If I could kill anything it would be Mother Nature. She always has to piss all over everybodies day, and it sucks."

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I came here to good old Typepad thinking I had something to write about, but now that I'm here I realize I don't. Oh well. At least this won't be as bad as yesterday's post.


Well, I'm sitting here at work, not particular looking forward to the last hour and a half of my day. But that's okay too. The first half of the day was a breeze as we worked on Huck Finn projects.

for those of you interested in Dee and Packy news, I don't have much of any. Although the other day Packy was recounting a story about how some kid was bothering him at school and he ended his story with: "And he walked away happily, with a smile on his face." Gotta love a kid who can come up with a sentence like that while he's still learning all of his long and short vowel sounds.

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Overheard in West Side:

"Bill Gates is Super rich. He's a bulti-, bulti-, bulti-millionaire."

Overheard at work:

"I didn't call you FAT. I called you CORPULENT."

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