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I knew it had been a couple of days since I last posted but--zoinks!--nearly two weeks!

Sorry about that kids. Not that I suspect any of you are still bothering to check here.

The interesting thing about all that is is that once again all I have to talk about is golf.


Yes, I did go golfing today--the hottest day of the year. Oh, and the heat did kick me in the ass. By the back nine I was wilting like...well, like something that wilts utterly and completely in heat such as this.

The interesting thing about golf today was that I ran into--well, caught up to--a golfer who turned out to be someone I knew from the days when I played competitive chess. Like me, he stopped playing in tournaments about ten years ago, which, not so oddly enough, was the last time we had seen each other. And, yes, we did recognize each other, though it took a few seconds to establish the chess connection.

Although there are many interesting things I could write about all of this, I am, as you know, a lazy blogger, so all I will say is that when we were talking about chess people we both knew, we spoke briefly about one person who had died of a heart attack when he was in his fifties. I commented that that person had died so young. And at that moment I realized how old I am. There was a time when I would've thought "died in his fifties? how unfortunate" without giving it too much thought. 

But now, as I gracelessly stumble through my forties, I am realizing how young that is. And I'm also  realizing that my failure to actually quit smoking could be setting me up for becoming that guy about whom forty-something year-olds say things like "oh yeah, he died in his fifties. So young. It's too bad."

Whether or not this realization actually gets me to kick my smoking thing, I don't know. I did well for a while today but soon enough goddess nicotina came a-calling. But I do think that it's a real step in the right direction. Baby steps, but steps nevertheless.

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You May Not

Well, the person I was golfing with on Monday may not believe this, but the round I played that day was my best so far this year. I certainly started well (for me), although the heat did kick me in the ass on the back nine.

That and a few moments when I totally lost my concentration.

On one hole, I took two shots to weakly get out of a bunker--using my pitching wedge rather than going for my trusty sand wedge. I would say that I don't know what I was thinking, but the real answer is that I just wasn't thinking at all.

You might think that I would've lost my concentration because of the young woman driving around the course repeatedly selling snacks and drinks. She was clearly meant to be a distraction, but in all honesty she wasn't to blame for the many mistakes I made. And I'm not just saying that.

...what's that? Oh, shoot. I've just been informed that I'm not supposed to reveal to non-golfers (i.e., life partners and spouses)that golf courses sometimes come stocked with beverage girls. So, um, please ignore the above paragraph in its entirety...

At any rate, I did hit some big drives, which made me happy. Unfortunately a few of them veered rather mightily into a corn field. But I was hitting pretty consistently. In fact, some time later this summer, I'm sure a certain farmer is going to be finding two Top Flites side-by-side in his field. And, Mr. Farmer, if you're reading this, I'll be back for those at some point.

And yesterday morning I got a taste of Old Virginee with a sausage and biscuit breakfast. And although there wasn't any sausage gravy yesterday, you know that I'm going to be looking up THAT recipe a.s.a. possible.

That's all for now.

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