> Some Things to See in Reykjavik

Austurvollur Square


Although we walked past this area a number of times, we somehow didn't see this beautiful fountain until our last day in the city.


A photo of part of Reykjavik's shopping area. I love the eyeglasses; they make me think of the eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleberg from The Great Gatsby.

Hofdi House

Green House, Yellow House, Red House

View of the Bay

The Pearl

We didn't get to visit the Pearl on this trip, but I'm sure we will the next time. For a humble city near the Arctic Circle, Reykjavik has no shortage of monumental architecture.

City Hall and the Tjorn

This is one of my favorite photos, taken from the Hallgrimskirkja. Reykjavik's bright colors excite the senses, just as the rooftops of Florence, Italy do in their own way.

Leifr Ericksson

Leifr "discovered" America long before Columbus "discovered" it. Both had problems with the people who already lived in this newly discovered continent. This statue stands in front of the Hallgrimskirkja.


Government House


Kolaportid is the weekend flea market held in Reykjavik, down by the port. At first I thought that that was a dog on the sign. Ooops.


One of Kolaportid's main attractions is the fresh fish market. Need some rotted shark or othr Icelandic delicacy? This is the place to go.