> Hallgrimskirkja

It's Huge

To say that Hallgrimskirkja dominates the Reykjavik skyline is an understatement.

Wall Hanging

I wish I could give you more detail.

Another Wall Hanging

Really, I know, I should have written things down so I could sound all learned right now.

From the Pulpit

No services were going on while we were there. Although as we were leaving they were setting up for a funeral. Those pictures aren't included here.

Church Interior

Hallgrimskirkja Organ

For those of you out there who are church organ lovers, this shot's for you.

Hallgrimskirkja Clock

Gotta love "artsy" photos.

Hallgrimskirkja Window

The Bells of Hallgrimskirkja

Looking Up


Wherever You Look, There It Is

The View From Our Room

It's Just Up the Street

Is that a rocket up there? This shot is taken from near the main shopping street. But you can get pictures of Hallgrimskirkja wherever you are.

The Tjorn and Hallgrimskirkja